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Scan your room by using a few buttons

Change model brightness

and light direction

Share your AR design

Add a product

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Using TESY AR app is intuitive and easy

Add a model to your bathroom interior

Scan the space in your bathroom and then place 3D model 
of the electric water heater, with its real design and dimensions. Switch the installation type from vertical to horizontal for the reversible models and pick the orientitation that fits you best.

Rotate, replace and compare products

Move the water heater's 3D model to a different
place in the space, rotate it and see it from any angle. In case you are not sure which model would fit best, you can replace it with a different one or compare two water heaters next to each other. 

Find the right water heater for you

Finding the best electric water heater is not always an easy task. If you need help, ask our built-in product advisor of the app. Answer a few short questions and check the suggestions for models, suitable for your space and requirements.

MyTESY app is here!

Monitor your appliance and save energy via Internet control



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